Name/Title Description Funds Available Deadline/Criteria
British Science Week 11-20 March 2016 Register events and apply for grants: Kick Start Grants – to support schools in challenging circumstances.


Up to £300 to run an activity


Up to £700 to host students and local community

November 2015
BMCS Targeted at activities outside the normal science timetable with a focus on generating interest in chemistry Up to £1000 None given
Award for All England Focus on projects that address issues, needs and aspirations of local communities £300 – £10,000 Continuous
The Royal Society Partnership Grants Grants to enable students to carry out science projects. Up to £3000 1st February 2016
Enthuse Awards



Apply for an ENTHUSE Award to help cover the cost of attending certain courses offered by the National Science Learning Centre.

Depending on course application
Intensive Enthuse Awards



This bursary will provide consultant led support in successful schools and colleges for up to one day support per week over a twelve week period. Consultants must be registered with Myscience, but can be selected by the school or college. Successful applicants will be provided with a staggered payment of the award, paid on completion of certain milestones and production of sufficient reporting and evidence of impact.

Up to £5000 TBC – no details [Dec 2015]

Impact Award


cover the cost of attending certain CPD activities run by the Science Learning Partnerships.

50% of CPD course All year round
Rolls Royce Science Prize



helps teachers implement science teaching ideas in their schools and colleges. The Prize recognises and rewards excellence in Science teaching across the full spectrum of teaching

Up to £5000
IOP Grants can be used to support a range of projects. Projects linked to astronomy, space and particle physics are particularly encouraged, as are those relating to engineering in areas such as energy, transport, information and communications, design and production and the built environment. grants/school/page_38824.html

Up to £600 3x annually (Feb, June, Nov)