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I’ve passed! Well, the research proposal anyway!

I know it’s not a graded piece of work, but passing the proposal now means I can continue with my research project.

This comes as great news, as I’ve been battling with an assignment (‘A reflective evaluation of one aspect of effective teaching: use of the outdoor environment’). This has boosted my morale and given me the drive I’ve needed to crack on with yet more uni work this week. Also, I’m very happy with my supervisor, I know she will push me further in my development and challenge my existing ideas.

So, it’s official, I am now working on undergraduate research into ‘childrens and teachers experiences and perspectives of using tablet PCs to engage in science investigations’

However keen I am to write my literature review now, and have my initial meeting with my supervisor, there are other assignments to write beforehand. However, because I am so passionate about my research project, I know that it’ll be impossible to leave alone.


3 thoughts on “Passed!

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