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So tonight I took the plunge and engaged with #asechat. I have often shadowed the conversation and enjoyed the ideas being discussed. Tonight however, I finally took an active role in the conversation with other primary science teachers.

Initially, I was unsure of exactly what to say or how to contribute. However, my anxiety was soon relieved and I was engaging with various teachers about good practice in primary science, such as collaborative work between primary and secondary teachers, to using drama in science to act out pollination.

By contributing to tonight’s discussion, I feel my confidence has developed in sharing my ideas regarding science with other teachers. It is rewarding and reassuring to know that other teachers respect and value my contributions to the conversation.

As a result of tonight’s conversation, I have now booked myself on the annual conference (held in January at University of Reading). This direct response to engaging with the conversation is an affirmation of my developing confidence to speak to other teachers about science and being confident to share my ideas as a ‘new’ teacher.

I am already excited about the next #asechat and feel comfortable in sharing my opinions and ideas with other teachers on Twitter.


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